RBBI Alert Subscription Agreement
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Subscription Agreement
RBBI Alert

First, we have a brief agreement you are required to read.

  1. RBBI will do its best to announce major breaking news events on RBBI Alert, but provides no guarantee to provide same.

  2. RBBI Alert is a one way announcement. I understand I will not be allowed to post to the group.

  3. RBBI Alert is copyrighted by Polson Enterprises and not available for redistribution. If others wish a copy, I will encourage them to subscribe.

  4. RBBI Alert, RBBI, Polson Enterprises, and Gary Polson will NOT make my e-mail address available to others for any purpose without my expressed permission.

  5. I will not attempt to subscribe others without their permission.

  6. RBBI may discontinue this service at any time. If service is discontinued I will be notified via an RBBI Alert message.

  7. I will not hold RBBI, Polson Enterprises, or Gary Polson liable for any damages from decisions made utilizing these messages or damages to computer systems resulting from these messages.

  8. RBBI Alert is currently provided free of charge. If it becomes a pay service in the future, I will be notified and required to signup again if I wish to continue.

  9. RBBI and Polson Enterprises reserve the right to refuse to provide this service to specific firms or individuals.

If I violate any of these terms, I am subject to being immediately unsubscribed.

If you do not agree to the terms, we wish you well, however, you will not be allowed to subscribe to RBBI Alert.

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