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Subject:      Re: Detroit Diesel to buy OMC
From:         Ed C <edcaro@sprintmail.com>
Date:         1997/07/11
Message-Id:   <33C6C226.508B@sprintmail.com>
Newsgroups:   rec.boats.cruising
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Katherine Slaughter wrote:
> Bob Stephenson wrote:
> >
> > I read today (7/9/97) that engine maker Detroit Diesel is
> > going to buy one of the US's largest boat-builder and maker of
> > outboard engines.  Detroit Diesel said it plans to pay about $500 million
> > for Outboard Marine Corp., which makes ChrisCraft, Grumman and Four Winns
> > pleasure boats as well as Johnson and Evinrude outboards.
> >
> > Bob Stephenson
> > http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/3470/
> Detroit Diesel and its management team, headed by Roger Penske and Tim
> Luielliette (I can never get his spelling right), who just recently
> joined Penske from heading up ITT Automotive, enjoy strong reputations
> here in Detroit.  DDA was nearly a gonner when Penske bought it from
> General Motors.
> I'd say it bodes well for the boating industry.  Don't know if either of
> them are boaters, however!  Any other opinions about the purchase?
> Katherine Slaughter
Penske has a great reputation for turning things around, I'm glad to
hear of his purchase of OMC. Omc's stuff is good but badly managed.
Ex....It shouldn't take three months to get a part for any of OMC's
engines. I think after the honeymoon is over we'll see a much better
managed and a much better organized OMC.

					Ed C.			
					S/V Escape

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