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Subject:      Re: Detroit Diesel to buy OMC
From:         Beau Vrolyk <bvrolyk@sgi.com>
Date:         1997/07/10
Message-Id:   <33C54E65.5656@sgi.com>
Newsgroups:   rec.boats.cruising
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As the owner of a boat with an "old", 2-cycle, Detroit who
was worried about the company prior to Penske's purchase, I
have to say that this is really good news for OMC.  Penske
is one of the best CEOs in the field and a terrific leader.

OMC should really go somewhere with Roger P. at the helm.

BTW - the old Detroit was the most reliable engine I've
ever had the pleasure of working on. ;-)

Beau Vrolyk

Bob Stephenson wrote:
> I read today (7/9/97) that engine maker Detroit Diesel is
> going to buy one of the US's largest boat-builder and maker of
> outboard engines.  Detroit Diesel said it plans to pay about $500 million
> for Outboard Marine Corp., which makes ChrisCraft, Grumman and Four Winns
> pleasure boats as well as Johnson and Evinrude outboards.
> Bob Stephenson
> http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/3470/

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