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International Marketing Information

We will store International Marketing Information on this page.


The boating links section has a list of general boating links. Near the bottom of those links we list several international general boating sites. These sites can be useful in evaluating the status of boating in several countries and several additional leads can be obtained there.

Also be sure and browse the related links in our Other Useful Links page. Be sure to visit the International Business Research Links segment and the Asia, Brazil, Europe, and Japan segments. Especially visit those sites labeled .

JETRO conducts "Exporting to Japan" Seminar at IMTEC97

11 Oct 1997
JETRO conducted a great seminar at IMTEC97 on "Exporting to Japan" which we attended and posted a great deal of information from in our IMTEC97 report

Europe's CE marking Program (Recreational Craft Directive)

16 June 1997
The European Commission's directive for boats sold in Europe goes into effect 16 June 1998. RBBI has created a large folder of information about the CE Mark Program and the Recreational Craft Directive. If you do business there and have not yet complied with the CE mark program, it is critical that you take immediate action to comply with the new Recreational Craft Directive.

Native Fishing Boat Building Technologies

19 May 1997 - As markets for recreational craft go into a no or slow growth period it is only natural for the recreational boat building industry to begin to look elsewhere for growth. One potential area is the mass production of fishing boats for natives. As rural parts of the world become more industrialized and as the availability of "good wood" for the construction of native fishing craft decreases, the demand for another source for native fishing boats is beginning to emerge. We have created a Alternative Materials and Methods for the Construction of Native Fishing Boats Page for the presentation of modern technologies that might be useful for mass production of small native fishing boats. Some of the methods discussed are fiberglass, ferrocement, explosive forming, and RIBs.

26 March 1997 - Today's Wall Street Journal carried an excellent feature article on bass fishing in Japan. Bass fishing is a rapidly growing fad in Japan. We have the full text of the article on our Bass Fishing in Japan Page.
27 Jan 1997 - A great Italian site with lots of marketing data is Nautica On-Line - Italian Boating Site. This is a truly great site. Pick the English language version and see the great Italian marketing information in the boat show area including, "An Outline of the Italian Boat Building Industry" and "The Import Market in Italy". Also see the 1800 boat trial reports (in Italian but graphic results are interpretable in English).

12 Dec 1996 - The Canadian government provides an EXCEPTIONALLY GREAT web site with Canadian boat industry statistics. The site also includes some U.S. and Japanese boating data.


The U.S. Dept of Commerce maintains the NTDB (National Trade Databank) which contains a wealth of boat industry market reports filed by overseas U.S. representatives. We have established a separate NTDB page. If you are involved in the import or export of recreational boats or manufacture component for them, the NTDB page can lead you to a wealth of information.

BEM - Big Emerging Markets

The U.S. Dept. of Commerce has printed an excellent book, "Big Emerging Markets: 1996 Outlook and Sourcebook" some of which is online. It discusses the emerging markets in China, Asia, and other areas of the world. It is a "must have" book for those doing business in these areas. Details on the book can be found in the Marketing Segment of our Other Useful Links Section.


An excellent background article on the new large dam (Three Gorges Dam) being built in China appeared on the front page of the 18 April 1994 Wall Street Journal. The article was titled, "Dammed Yangtze - Despite Vast Obstacles Chines Move to Tap Power of Historic River". The 550 foot tall dam is expected to take two decades to build. It will stretch from Sandouping, a village in Hubei Province to Chongqing in Sichuan Province. The resulting lake will be about as long as Lake Superior, but narrower. This coming huge lake plus the improving economy may do significant things to the boat market there??


Some foreign trade statistics (U.S. imports and exports) are available from our Census Page.

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