The Ripples From Little Lake Nellie

Sports Illustrated July 12, 1993
Vol. 79 No. 2
Pages 18-31 plus cover photo
by Gary Smith
This lengthy article begins with the header, "Four months after Cleveland pitchers Tim Crews and Steve Olin died in a boating accident, their families and friends are coming to grips with the grief that still washes over them."

The Issues' cover full page photo of the two wives (Laurie Crews and Patti Olin) with their husbands jerseys is titled, "The Survivors - Loved ones and teammates try to cope with the tragic deaths of Cleveland Indian pitchers Steve Olin and Tim Crews.

The article begins with a very large photo of the dock they hit and the Crews's home in the background.

The article has very little about the accident in it. It focuses entirely upon the grief of friends and family and how they are learning to go on with their lives. It is an exceptional story and is probably the only story of this nature dealing with a boating death. It is further unique in that the deaths occurred within sight of one of the family's homes and their children still play on the dock. Dealing with situations like that can be terribly difficult.

This article really re-raised the public awareness of the crash 4 months later. Due to the length and copyright of the article and the fact that it is easily obtainable in most libraries it is not reproduced here. We do hope to scan some of the photos in as time permits. Again it has essentially no information about the crash in it, it is instead an article about dealing with the aftermath of problems the crash created for the family and friends.

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