Disney Boating Accident Stillwater Newspress AP Report
This is an AP News Report as Published in the 
19 December Stillwater OK Newspress

Movie Stunt Goes Bad, One Dead, Others Hurt

NAPLES, Fla, (AP) - A boat used in a stunt on the set of a Walt Disney movie careened out of control today and landed in a group of people, killing one person and injuring several others.

Eyewitnesses described the victims as stunt men or extras for the movie "Gone Fishin", which stars Joe Pesci and Danny Glover.

The number of people injured and the extent of their injuries was not immediately available, Collier County Sheriff's Sgt. Jimmy Snell.(sic)

Details were sketchy, but officials said the boat was due to go up a ramp and fly through the air and land in a group of boats. Instead, it came off the ramp to one side and flipped upside-down.

"Something went wrong and the boat landed in a crowd of people," Snell said.

The movie, which also stars Rosanna Arquette,,, Lynn Whitfield, and Nick Brimble, is a comedy about what can go wrong when two New Jersey guys (Pesci and Glover) win a dream fishing trip to Florida.

It was being filmed in the Big Cyprus Swamp, on the southwest tip of the state in the Everglades.

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