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Subject:      compliance to the CE machinery directive
From:         walter harer <walter.harer@guehring.de>
Date:         1997/04/22
Message-Id:   <335CF515.1988@guehring.de>
Newsgroups:   sci.engr.mech
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Would anyone know of a newsgroup that deals with the subject of CE 
marking/certification for machinery.  I know of the group for electrical 
compliance but not for the machinery directive. 

Has anyone carried out a full conformance project from design to sale for 
ce certification where all three directives ie machinery, emc, and low 
voltage, were involved.  Was a full hazard and safety analysis necessary?

Also would anyone know is it absolulty necessary to comply with CE 
marking when machines are made for in-house use only and not for sale?  
(I am particularly interested in the German interpetation of the law)

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

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