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Subject:      Recr.Craft Directive
From:         Han <swbc@worldonline.nl>
Date:         1997/05/13
Message-Id:   <337896F8.1AE0@worldonline.nl>
Newsgroups:   rec.boats.building
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At 29-04-97 Wojchiek Kruk asked if the text of the Recreational Craft
Directive was on the net. I do not think so, but I could provide
Wojchiek and yourself with the English text.

Hereby I can let you know that I am preparing the translation into
English of a practical handbook on the the technical and procedural
requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive. With help of this book
you would be able to comply to the requirements yourself and to affix
the CE-marking which gives you acces to the European Economic Area. If
you are interested I can let you know when this English translation will
be available.
Han Zuyderwijk - CE Consultant
SWBC Amsterdam
tel.: 0031 20 6407607 fax.: 0031 20 6405423

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