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Subject:      Recreational Craft Directive
From:         Wojciech Kruk <kruk@pg.gda.pl>
Date:         1997/04/29
Message-Id:   <3365FD31.5D4C@pg.gda.pl>
Newsgroups:   rec.boats.building
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Can anybody help me  where to fingd on the net 
EU Directive #94/25/EC
This is about requirements of rec. boats to sell them in Europe.
Specially I've heard there is possible to self certificate small boats
in some cases.

Thanks in advance.
Wojciech Kruk 		
Tel:	+48 (58) 471237, 413317		ul. Puszkina 7/2a,
Fax:	+48 (58) 414712			80-233 Gdansk,
E-mail:	kruk@pg.gda.pl			Poland

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