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Subject:      Re: Recreational Craft Directive
From:         phila@deltanet.com (pa)
Date:         1997/05/01
Message-Id:   <5k91vo$omr$1@news07.deltanet.com>
Newsgroups:   rec.boats.building
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In article <3365FD31.5D4C@pg.gda.pl>, kruk@pg.gda.pl says...
>Can anybody help me  where to fingd on the net 
>EU Directive #94/25/EC
>This is about requirements of rec. boats to sell them in Europe.
>Specially I've heard there is possible to self certificate small boats
>in some cases.
>Thanks in advance.
>Wojciech Kruk           
>Tel:    +48 (58) 471237, 413317         ul. Puszkina 7/2a,
>Fax:    +48 (58) 414712                 80-233 Gdansk,
>E-mail: kruk@pg.gda.pl                  Poland

I have never seen it on the web.  It is not a small document.  The smallcraft 
certification program is administered by:

			Internationall Marine Certification Institute
			Treves Centre, rue de Treves 45
			1040 Brussels, Belgium
			Tel Int+32 2 238 78 92
			Fax Int+32 2 238 77 00

			Contact Lars Granholm, IMCI Managing Director

Hope this helps.


Phil Arnold

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