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Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 11:22:18 -0700
Subject: CE Mark/New Approach Directive for recreational craft
I work for XXXXX, a training and consulting firm in ISO 9000/14000 and other standards. We want to develop a series of courses for industries that wish to sell in Europe and therefore must comply with the European Union's "New Approach Directives" and CE Mark. These directives include recreational craft. Do you know of any websites or other sources where I could obtain text of the recreational craft directive 94/25 EC? Any help would be appreciated.

RBBI reply: Your question finally got us up and going on trying to create this folder of information to act as a resource to your firm and others dealing with the issue.

Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 17:05:22 +0200
Subject: CE-marking of boats
Thanx for a nice web site.

I represent (a marine federation). One of the problems, as you probably know, is the new law of the European Community about "CE-Marking" of leisure craft. One of the things we're looking for is a list of part suppliers who have the "CE-Marking" on their products. Do you know of any such list(s)?

RBBI reply: We visited with a notified body about your question, and they say there is currently no such list. Each country may have several notified bodies assisting firms in with several different Directives plus a firm might be "self assessed" and not even go to a notified body. The notified body agreed that it is a needed resource and will probably be developed in the future.

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