Polson Enterprises has created a web site to be used as a "Home Page" by the Recreational Boat Building Industry. The site (RBBI) opens with separate areas for manufacturers of marine drives, boat builders, and boat dealers. These functional areas acclimate visitors to the large web site and point out some specific areas that will be of interest to them. Next, "virtual desks" are provided for many professionals (engineering desk, marketing desk, purchasing desk, management desk, customer service desk, government regulations desk, and a legal desk) . These "virtual desks" help industry professionals find the exact information they need to do their job both better and faster. "Virtual desks" are followed by "virtual folders" that contain information on specific items of interest to those in the industry such as: boat show dates, boating accidents, product testing, technologies, engine development, and patents). One folder contains several relevant discussions from the rec.boats newsgroup. These discussions can provide customer input for new products and programs. An FTP Area provides full text of the latest government emission regulations, industry court cases, and other large files.

Links to other boating sites, including the web pages of over 100 powerboat manufactures, are provided. Links to office tools that find phone numbers, area codes, zip codes, and addresses are also provided.. Special efforts are made to discuss the future applications of the internet to the industry. The web site is updated daily with news, new developments, and technologies of interest to the industry.

The site is designed to help those in the industry easily interface with the net and to provide a central point, "Home Page" for them to operate from and find everything they need.The internet address is