4th Annual All Industry Breakfast

4th Annual All Industry Breakfast
at IMTEC 1997

I sat near the middle in the back of the room at Table #92. A high school band was playing in the back. They did a good job, but they made too much noise for people to talk over. They made too much noise for people to talk over. They should have moved them outside after breakfast started. they made too much noise for people to talk over. They should have moved them outside after breakfast started. Each place setting had some handouts and a roll of "stickers" (Uniting for Growth) with a small rope through the roll tied in a knot to resemble the knot shown on the sticker. A card was attached that included the efforts to unite the industry and bore the motto, "Our goal is to make the two best days of a boat owner's life the day of purchase and each day of use thereafter." I thought it was a very effective piece.

The stickers bear the slogan, "Uniting The Boating Industry for Growth." The "The Boating Industry" portion is hard to read in our scan. It was also hard to read on the original stickers.

After breakfast, Jeff Napier, president of NMMA and Master of Ceremonies, kicked off the program. He mentioned 1400 people were in attendance at this breakfast.

Mike Hayden, president of the American Sportfishing Association, spoke a few minutes about the shows now being combined and the synergy both hoped to gain from boating and fishing gear being at the same show.

65% of those who buy a boat, buy it to fish. 40% of America's waters are not fishable (pollution). Think what it could do for the industry if these other areas were fishable.

They have 400 fish and tackle loaner sites. 30% of the borrowers have never been fishing. 60% of those go out and buy equipment of their own after the borrowing experience.

Charles A. Jones (1927-1996) was received the Industry Hall of Fame Award. He rose through the ranks at boating industry over his 45 year career to become editor and publisher in 1965 which he held till his retirement in 1992. His wife was present

Ty Ragland, President, of Message Factors (the company doing the industry survey studies) was the next speaker.

He identified the next 4 areas they will be studying.

Some potential barriers that have already been identified : high maintenance cost, lack of leisure time.
RBBI Comment - need to get him to look at our Leisure Activity Selection "Funnel Chart".

Larry Russo was the concluding speaker. He summarized some of the results presented yesterday in the MRAA "Shirt Sleeve Sessions" of the recent boating survey. A nice handout was on our tables titled, "Value Analysis of Current Boat Owners". One of the main points was the prevalence of used boat sales (60% or more of all boat sales.)

The breakfast group then followed the band as they marched down to "Cut the Ribbon" and officially open the show.

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