Concept Boat at IMTEC 1997

Concept Boat
at IMTEC 1997

The Marine Design Resources Alliance built a half scale "Concept Craft" and unveiled it at the show. The full scale craft was to be a 20 foot sport boat.

The boat certainly had a nice look to it. Sort of a cross between a Batmobile (futuristic), a penguin (color scheme), and a beaver (flat tail) with a 50's look. It looks like something you might see in a Sonic commercial (Midwest burger chain with a 50's theme).

I attended the unveiling, we kept waiting around till everyone got there (I think we were waiting for the financial supporters) and finally they pulled off the blanket.

They described some of the features. It would have been nice if they had a printed flyer.

RBBI commends them (and their financial supporters) for a job well done. We wish more "concept craft" were exhibited at shows like this. This year, with the industry in time of rapid change and economic concerns, not many engineers from the majors were at the show. Perhaps a flyer could be mailed to them, or more information could be posted here or on the IMTEC web site describing the craft in order to "make the most" from this fine effort?

If anybody has some printable info about this craft, if you sent it to us, we will post it. E-mail us at

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