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Nation's Credit


VOLUME 60 NUMBER 8 August 1997

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    1997-98 computer systems buyers' guide

    Boat covers: 'Canvas' no more

    Modern marine fabrics and products help boost your bottom line.

    Cabin fever strikes

    Cuddies have evolved from spartan day boats into full-featured weekenders.

    A new approach to used boats

    A different attitude toward the used boat segment and a look at how another industry handles its used product could be the answer for making used boats work for you.

    Boaters demand 'one-step' boat care

    For fiberglass restoration and maintenance, most manufacturers agree that "one-step" products are their hottest sellers. But the jury is still out in the case of "all-purpose" vs. "task-specific" cleaners.

    Cutbacks for the Corps spell trouble for boating

    A proposal by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to close locks 8 and 9 on the upper Allegheny River has far greater implications than the firestorm it is causing in the local boating community.

    The Internet: Not there yet, but we're getting closer

    A year after the Information Highway connected to Main Street, USA, the Internet is still in its development stages. Many boatbuilders and retailers are finding it a valuable marketing tool but have not abandoned their traditional ways of going to market.

    Complete coverage of the OMC/Detroit Diesel merger

    Boating industry examines how this merger will affect boat dealers in the future.