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Outboard Marine Corporation and Brunswick Settle Litigation
01:00 p.m Oct 02, 1997 Eastern

WAUKEGAN, Ill., Oct. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Outboard Marine Corporation ("OMC"), Brunswick Corporation ("Brunswick") (NYSE: BC) and OMC's new President and Chief Executive Officer, David D. Jones, Jr., jointly announced today the settlement of the litigation commenced last week concerning OMC's hiring of Mr. Jones to serve as its President and Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Jones and OMC filed the action seeking an adjudication with respect to the applicability of the Illinois Trade Secrets Act to the hiring of Mr. Jones by OMC. The parties have resolved these issues on terms acceptable to both sides.

OMC is a leading manufacturer and marketer of marine engines, boats and accessories. SOURCE Outboard Marine Corporation

Copyright 1997, PR Newswire

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