Toyota IMTEC98 Coverage


Toyota introduced their two new ski boats a few months ago and this was the first time for the actual boats to be seen at IMTEC. They have been solidifying their dealer and service networks since last years show where they previewed the engine.

Congratulations to Toyota for their fine entries into the ski market! I'm happy to see them come into the industry and wish them well.

Toyota Booth

I was very disappointed in their exhibit itself. They have very fine products, it just seemed like the exhibit was very weak. To be the latest entry into the industry, have Toyota backing, and some of the most anticipated products in the history of the industry - the booth totally lacked excitement.

The booth was almost taller than it was wide. It had "tarp wings" over it, perhaps symbolic of birds? There was no music, nothing "going on" and a total absence of the "fire" sometimes sensed in an exhibit booth.

The same internally lighted signs from last years booth were around the outside. As a recent entry to the show, their booth space was not in a great location. Booth space choices are awarded by seniority of exhibitors. Toyota was way back in a corner which didn't help things a lot.

Many of the other large firms threw some sort of press conference, some of them were pretty weak. The press conferences did draw a crowd to hear possible future plans. Toyota did not have one.

Perhaps it was only me, but I sure felt they could have done something to liven the place up. Maybe their products speak for themselves? Maybe they needed OMC's Riverdance?

The New Ski Boat

Bowrider Version

Note - the Bowrider was very clean, the "garbage" on the side of the boat is a reflection.

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