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The boats, propulsion units, and engines were in the South Hall. Accessories were in the North Hall. Last Year they also extended far back into another room further north. This year that room was not used and many "conversation islands" also took up unused booth space.

Right off the bat, I noticed many of these booths were manned by one person and that person was on a cell phone, calling the office, home, or betting on the ponies? Countless times I saw attendees give up on talking to vendors who were on the phone and walk on - not a good situation. I would strongly encourage manufacturers to tell booth workers to keep their cell phones out of the booth.

Boat Capsule

This large fan driven air bag keeps your boat out of the weather. It can stand 12 inch snow loads and 50 mph winds. You just back your trailer on the base, drape the top over your boat, attach the two halves and turn the fan on. The brochure says it only takes on man 5 minutes to setup or teardown. Marketed by Storage Bubble of Campbell CA.

The exhibit was a real eye catcher and drew a lot of attention. I thought it was one of the most novel products exhibited at the show. I think a booth worker said it took about $8 of electricity a month to power the fan.


Quick Step

This handy device allows you to back up close to your trailer, swing the ball under the coupling (left photo), attach the trailer, then drive forward and touch the brakes. This brings the assembly forward and locks it in place (right photo). Marketed by One Step Manufacturing of Mishawaka IN.

Tough Duck
Outboard Motor Covers

I asked them if they had an "in water" version for reducing Zebra Mussels and other fouling. They reported the first they had heard of Zebra Mussels was at this show. Several other attendees had also asked about using their covers for them. They have a lower piece now and will work on adapting it for this application after the show. They are also designing stern drive covers. Marketed by Tough Duck Outdoor Products of Duncan B.C. Canada.

Rescue Sling

This compact device shoulders like a shotgun and used stored compressed air to launch an automatically inflating rescue sling up to 250 feet. The sling is housed in the "nose." A trailing rope is housed in the base. It deploys when the sling is launched. The unit is rechargeable similar to a scuba tank.

The lady in the booth let me launch it (without compressed air) to show how the unit deployed. It certainly looked like it might be of good use in some rescue situations. Marketed by Rescue Solutions of San Diego CA.

Ton Anchor

This unit is currently made from PVC pipe and concrete. Several improvements as planned as mass production begins. The anchor "rocks" back and forth in use and it digs in to hold firm. Marketed by Ton Anchor of Odin IL.

I liked their slogan, 'It takes a Ton to hold a boat."

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