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Intertec (Blue Book)

That's Tom Fournier of Intertec (in light blue shirt on far left) running the keyboard demonstrating the ABOS "Marine Blue Book" appraisal database software. Their booth seemed to do quite well at the show. I also noticed they have a "Motor Identification and Reference Manual" based on the MIC hull code database. We get lots of messages from folks that could use this book. Intertec Publishing is based in Overland Park KS.

Huggins Outboard Computer Programs

Mike Brumbagh is showing off their latest programs to assist service departments in dealing with Mercury, OMC and aftermarket part numbering systems and pricing schedules. They are based in Raleigh NC.

Cell Safe Floatable Cases
for Cell Phones

Marketed by MXD Industries.

Swim Guard Prop Guards

PropGuard of Anderson CA showed a traditional cage type prop guard for use in protecting individuals swimming near the boat from the propeller. They also had a swim ladder activated switch that would stop the propeller when the ladder was folded down. I visited with them about the general issue of prop guards and then tried to sell them on my idea of sensing people in the water and stopping the propeller, instead of using a cage. They reported working in that area and hoped to bring out a device based on strapping a "pager looking device" to those skiing with the boat. I told them that is certainly a step in the right direction, but I think long term we will see sensors detecting people and not requiring them to wear locators.

"Safety Blaster" Horns

These little suckers are deafening !! They gave me a sample last year which I passed on to my brother-in-law who is an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). He has found it useful on several occasions. They gave me another one this year. They need no CO2 or batteries. A "film" vibrates on one end of the flashlight looking device when you blow into the middle of it. Don't ever let your kids get ahold of one of these or your neighbors will kill you ! Marketed by Safety Blaster Corp. of Bedford Park IL.

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