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Miscellaneous Photos

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hammond
Receiving Hall of Fame Award

At the All Industry Breakfast Friday morning, Robert Hammond of Glastron and Hammond Boats received the Hall of Fame Award. He and his wife graciously recounted some stories of their past and introduced several individuals who had played a major position in helping them make boating history, including one of his early race drivers. It was a humbling experience just to be present as they received this award.

in the North Hall

Great to see McDonalds here - a chance at slightly reasonably priced food in this tourist trap! This photo was taken very early one morning. Usually the place was flowing over.

IMTEC Mascot

Opening morning of the show, two folks in these costumes walked around greeting people. It was a nice touch. Friday morning at the All Industry Breakfast, one was walking around and I snapped this photo.

Montana Troller

This firm was exhibiting a prototype trolling engine. I really liked their "western corral" display. It was a bit rustic, but certainly tied in with the Montana theme. They even knew where Polson, Montana was (named for some of my kinfolk.) In the background of the booth photo you can see a huge amount of empty space that was filled with exhibits last year. The show was considerably down in both exhibitors and attendees.

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