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Huggins Outboard Computer Programs
Outboard Systems Pictorial Parts Cross Reference System

Huggins won the BWI Innovation Award in the Service Shop Equipment Category. Their software allows you to view all major company parts listing, identify interchangeable parts (including aftermarket parts) and view a photograph of each part. This greatly increases your confidence level when ordering parts.

MPS Innovative Products
Quik-Dry Squeegee Blade

MPS web site images above.

George Varga (yellow shirt) accepts the award from Dean Travis Clarke of the BWI. Robert Huggins of Huggins Outboard Computer Programs, recipient in the Service/Shop Equipment category) looks on.
The Quik-Dry blade won the BWI Innovation Award in the General Accessories category. Its specially designed silicon rubber blade dries flat or curved surfaces with one swipe.

Top Dog Systems
Vaporless Fuel System

Top Dog won the BWI Innovation Award in the Original Equipment/Component Manufacturers category. Builders can now fit any capacity tank they want into any shape.

The fuel tank is two plastic bladders, one inside the other. The tank expands and contracts to conform to the amount of fuel remaining, preventing formation of fuel vapors. The gap between the two bladders is filled with a fire suppressant fluid.

Dockmaster Software Systems

Dockmaster had a great display using four posts at the corners of the exhibit area. They placed flat panel displays on the posts high enough everybody could see them. This allowed trade show floor walkers to easily stroll through their booth and see the software in operation. As you walked by, you were almost magically drawn into their booth. I think this was one of the best displays at the show.

Tailor Made Systems
Pop Up Boat Enclosures

"Converts your boat's open cockpit into an enclosed living space with more than six feet of headroom in minutes."
"Fastback can be installed by one person in under five minutes with no special tools - without leaving the safety of the cockpit."

Press Kit Image

Securi International
Folding Ladder

I was walking down the aisle and stopped dead in my tracks on this one. Their Foldaway Pontoon Swim/Boarding Ladder just pivots in the middle, folds up and turns into a big Christmas candy cane shape!! You can store it in a fraction of the area used by other ladders.

Press Kit Image

Teleflex MagicBus Control Area Network

All data is available to devices plugged into the network, allowing "plug and play" engine gauges, GPS map displays, sonar and other readouts. The unit shown allows several variables to be displayed on the same screen. Conventional single readout gauges will be available in analog or digital form. The concept appears similar to Mercury's SmartCraft. Production is to start in November.

Ifinder Personal GPS

These little gadgets are really cool. They even have an Ifinder plus model that interfaces with Lowrance's CD ROM mapping software on a PC and downloads highly enhanced maps for specific areas. The unit's stored database of "points of interest" and event markers make it really easy to find your way around. Plus, you can add hundreds of markers yourself as well as store points along your path.

The unit is very sleek, nice looking and feels good in your hand. Most GPS units look and feel like a brick with buttons. Lowrance has done an excellent job in styling this one.

Press Kit Image

Lawman Armor Corp BoatLock

This hardened steel unit locks the propeller to the drive. A cable or chain can be passed through the triangular slot on the end opposite the propeller to lock the drive to the boat or the drive to a trailer.

Press Kit Image

Marina Pro Oil & Fluid Changer

You just close a clamp, pump up the vacuum, insert the suction hose into the engine dipstick tube and release the clamp to drain your oil. It can also be used to drain transmission and clean bilge areas.

Sailfish Mounts

I have seen this exhibit before, but it very striking. These replica fish are used as decorations, in restaurants, museums and other places. They have added a more economical "half size" line of the larger fish. Plus, they also now have plaques you can mount by the replica to identify the type of fish, species and other information.


Canadian Marine Manufacturers Association

The CMMA press kit contained a nice decal providing "right of way" rules, for mounting in your boat.

B4-Play had a press release announcing MasterCraft had chosen their new electronic boat plug. "Its all-brass construction housed magnetic sensors that are wired directly to a boat's ignition. If the engine is started with the plug missing, a loud alarm sounds." Some boats using the plug also have an LED warning light.

This is one of those, "Now, why didn't I think of that?" ideas. We welcome continued innovations in the accessories field.

Interphase promoted its latest product, Chartmaster 7CV. This advanced GPS chart plotter can also display remote video cameras, including the View-Cam camera (allows remote monitoring of the engine compartment or other areas) and the Fish-Cam camera (for underwater views).

Norcross Marine's Press Kits announced their new Marine Link technology allowing wireless access anywhere on the vessel to water depth and temperature data.

Davis had a great booth showing hundreds of small innovative marine products. I am still reading their catalog.

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