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The new Jetbike captured a lot of attention. It won the BWI Innovation Award in the boat category. Aquajet eliminates the saftey problem of steering loss when backing off the throttle. The patented dual steering system links a jet nozzle with a front ski. They promoted it as a motorcycle on water.

Press Kit Image

Press Kit Image


Genmar recieved one of the coveted BWI Innovation Awards (Manufacturing Process category) for their new VEC hull forming process. A VEC formed hull was prominently vertically displayed in their booth and their press kit had some nice CD images of the process.


Zach McClendon, founder and owner of Sea Ark, stayed in my hotel and we shared a couple breakfasts together. His press kit had this nice photo of their Extreme 186 Bass Boat incorporating a patented aluminum hull design with unique strakes and a high-tech pad design to provide "a fast, smooth ride while burning less fuel."

Press Kit Image


Most of their press kit images show several people in the boat and activity on the water or in the boat. This makes the photos a lot more interesting. This model has an overhead rack storage for kneeboards.

Press Kit Image

Logic Boats

This Genmar Company, had some great press kit images of dropping one of their tough Roplene hulls from a helicopter forty stories above the water.

Press Kit Image


Velocity had a striking display in a corner booth.

Wellcraft 330 Coastal Fishing Boat

We talk some about their excellent press kit CD ROM on our Press Room and Press Kit Comments Page.

Press Kit Image

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