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Volvo had a very nice booth prominently displaying several of their recent electronic and service innovations.


Suzuki's booth showed their continuing expansion of the EFI four-strokes line, now up to the 90-115 HP frame. A representative gave me an in-depth look a the changes. I was very impressed by their attention to detail in trying to squeeze some more performance from these drives. They keep identifying small changes and modifications to improve these four-stroke EFI units. I am not sure these guys sleep at night!

Throughout the year we have received several press releases concerning their efforts to help the offshore fishing populations and other good causes. We strongly commend them for these efforts.


Honda had a nice display of their four-strokes. The booth and their literature strongly promote the cleanness (full model line meets EPA 2006 limits) of their model line.

Other Drive Exhibitors

Tohatsu and Nissan showed the Tohatsu outboards focusing on upcoming EPA regulations.

PSI's Pulse Drive a fully trimable surfacing drive drew a plenty of attention out at the Lake Bryan "On Water" exhibit. Riders and onlookers were captivated by the boat's performance and its high rooster tail.

RBBI Comments:

We hope to see some more innovations in this area in the future. The market is very difficult to crack. See our U.S. Commercialization of Innovative, Propeller Driven Recreational Marine Drive Designs paper.

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