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Yamaha Wins BWI Innovation Award

Yamaha won the coveted Boating Writers International Innovation Award in the Drives category with their new 225 HP four-stroke. This engine certainly brings new meaning to the term large four-stroke outboard. We salute them for this major accomplishment.

They also prominently displayed their new 250 HP VMAX unit aimed at the bass boat market featuring the Ox66 fuel-injection system using an oxygen sensor in the exhaust feedback to the ECU allowing it to re-adjust timing and fuel quantities for improved efficiencies and power levels.

Their press kit was so full of press releases concerning these and many other innovations plus their new Test Facility in Bridgeport AL it won the heaviest press kit award. Congratulations to them for their many efforts in introducing new products and innovations throughout the line.

Phil Dyskow accepts the award

Yamaha's Press Kit CD also had some beautiful images of their new 3.1L Ox66. The high resolution images were awesome. This very low resolution image does not even start to give them justice.

Their Press Kit CD also had a great image of the trimaran skiff now listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the greatest distance ever covered by and outboard powered boat on an imperial gallon of gasoline (108 kilometers). The craft set the record in New Zealand last summer.

The press kit also mentioned their new Engineering Test Facility located on 33 acres along the banks of the Tennessee River near Bridgeport Alabama opened in May of 2000.

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