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Those testing boats and drives in on-water locations can make use of the many internet weather sites to determine current conditions, water levels, and current weather forecasts.

For example, we are providing a group links that cover test conditions in this area.

The "Oklahoma Mesonet" is a group of 111 remote automatic reporting stations around Oklahoma that provide near realtime weather data. This data is provided in graphical form and becomes a great source of local boating condition weather information. The particular sources that provide the data on the web have a history of moving around a great deal (frequent changes of URL addresses) and often limiting restricting access to servers without ".com" in their address. This is due to some groups pirating the Mesonet data and selling it for profit. Bottom line is the actual URL for the data may change occasionally and you also might get blocked out if your server is a ".com" unit. Another site that currently provides access to a limited portion of the data is the Mesonet Surface Data Page.

Also if you "hang around Mesonet data long enough you will be wondering what Greenwich Time Means. It is the current time in Greenwich England (where the time lines start). Locally, 7am Central Daylight Time is Noon Greenwich time (which means 7pm CDT is midnight Greenwich time).

Many midwestern states now have a Mesonet system to help them forecast severe weather conditions. To find the online resources for your area, see the Weather section and the Buoys and Marine Weather section of our Other Useful Links Page. If you are still having trouble after trying them, drop us a line and we will try to help.

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