Action Steps

Polson Enterprises Research Services

This page contains a suggested plan of action.

  1. Make certain all decision makers have been exposed to this presentation.

  2. Form a team to briefly consider the project, find a temporary champion, consider the various potential technologies and final forms of this concept (from the Sensor Technologies Page and the References Page). Make an early selection of the one that looks most applicable to your situation.

  3. Run this form of the concept through the system you normally use to approve new R&D projects. Be sure to note many other potential forms exist. Consider not only the potential profitability of the unit, but also the potential access to government research funds, expertise and hardware for its development, possible future contributions from other applications of the technology and the potential reduction in court awards and legal costs.

  4. If you are in the boat building business, the legal defenses used in the past may have considerably less influence after the publication of this presentation. You might wish to consider that as you evaluate the project.

  5. If you elect to pursue to the project, we encourage you to obtain help from some of the various potential team members listed earlier, including the Research Facilities. You may need to evaluate several of the potential technologies to find the one that best fits your needs.

  6. I am available to assist in the development of this concept. In addition to authoring this document, I have extensive data on prop strikes, prop suits and biological sensors. I have full copies of applicable patents, have contacted many of the researchers working on applicable sensor technologies, and extensive experience in this area. E-mail us in the Feedback Section or click on the Polson Enterprises box at the top of the page to learn more about our services.

  7. Good Luck!

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