Disciplines Sensing Presence

  1. Military
  2. Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, Correctional Institutions
  3. Surveillance, Security, Burglar Alarms
  4. Industry (OSHA machine guards)
  5. Ag Engineering (equipment guards)
  6. Rescue Operations (Firemen, Man Overboard, Ski Patrol / Avalanche, Landslide, Collapsed Buildings)
  7. Transportation (presence and position of occupants, pedestrian collision avoidance)
  8. Interactive Toys
  9. Advertising (talking kiosks and other displays)
  10. Lighting and Ventilation systems
  11. Plumbing (bathroom faucets, sinks, urinals, toilets)
  12. Sports (finish line timers, Swimming Pool lap timers)
  13. Wildlife management (bird control, fish counters, fish identification)
  14. Swimming Pool monitors (depth, splash, noise, impact)
  15. Fish Farm Security Systems (detect seals and swimming poachers)
  16. Fishing (fish finders)
  17. Ships (whale impact detection)
  18. Aviation (human propeller impacts)
  19. Marine mammals (limit exposure to military explosions)
  20. Marine Life Detection and Identification (Jorge Parra's work)

References for many of these applications are in the Reference Page at the end of the report

Parra's work