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Paper Cut Outs

  • ISBN.NU book comparison pricing , excellent
  • World Currency Museum cool
  • Antique Maps and Prints lots of old animals, maps, drwgs
  • Civil War Outpost sell civil war relics
  • Rulon Gardner. Com

  • Power Mapper web site mapping software *********************
  • Fridge Doctor refrigerator info, moving, move fridge
  • Seven Seasons Yacht Charters lots of large and small craft
  • Super 70s.Com decade of the 70's culture, news, etd
  • Dove Bid business auctions, business ebay like site, dispose dead dot coms
  • International Hydrofoil Society
  • Hydrofoils page advanced marine vehicles disk for $5
  • Get Smart Business Intelligence Software. PC Magazine Aug 1, 2001
  • Balanced Scorecard Kaplan and Norton Harvard article consulting group, newsletters
  • Kelmscott Rare Breeds Foundation tries to preserve rare animal breeds
  • International Wolf Center great model for an animal educational site / education / cause
  • Mercury's Web Den and prop selector write up


  • CBE Citation Style Manual for Google Researchers

  • Adobe Acrobat Online Trial pdf free trial
  • PDF Online online conversion service with a local download
  • VINTAGE MARINE SALES LITERATURE old marine drive and boat literature
  • Some OMC service bulletins
  • Esponsive web searching, market research system
  • Home Port Communications marine boating market research firm
  • Omniglot Writing systems, letters, numbers, punctuation in countless languages
  • Custom wedding cake toppers
  • Asian Tech Biz great Asian tech news source vps, etc

  • Journal of Leisure Research abstract search page
  • Turnitin.Com plagiarism review for teachers - might be a research tool - plagurism
  • OSU CEAT Research Newsletters

  • Tulsa Civil War Roundtable meetings
  • Indian Territory in the Civil War Message Board

  • Polar Snow creates artificial snow at up to 120 F

  • Cleco small temporary rivet like fastener for planes, sheet metal, race cars, etc

  • Planet of the Apes Timeline extensive timeline of films and events
  • Cannon Print Planet print your own cards, thank you cards, etc
  • PGP Pretty Good Privacy, encryption in storage and transit
  • Movable Type software used for frequently updated sites, like web logs / weblogs blogs
  • Blog Spot supplies blog services
  • BlogPulse whats hot in blogs, the pulse of recent postings
  • TechStuff.Ca nice explantions of tech stuff in a blog format
  • BoingBoing nice technical consumer blog
  • MoBlogs blogs of photos from mobile phones,
  • Topological Measures and Maps of the Web Filippo Menczer (small web links)
  • Kel-Crete.Com Kel-Crete, Kellert Industries, concrete cement admixtures (manford)
  • Third World Applied Technologies
  • directory of free CAD COM CAE engineering drawing drafting software
  • Thinkpad 760ED U3A customer service
  • IBM Thinkpad 760 ED Bios and Drivers

  • Planned Elderhood chicago group plans care for parents in rest homes, finances, etc was on chicago news about 17 April 2003.

  • Clay Minerals exellent chapter on chemistry and minerals of clay, vermiculite, smectite, bentonite, etc

  • Gov Liquidation Goverment surplus liquidation, US govt online auction
  • Used-Line auction for used high tech equipment - good site
  • Surplus Asset Sales auction for plant surplus goods

  • BYU coverage of Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Kurzelilai futurist, technology development, forecasting site
  • The Engineer a U.K. engineering technology publication - excellent


    Chilly Stix pitcher drink coolers - cool idea

  • Cox Cable Customer Support dsl cable support cox

  • Cox Motorola Surfboard Modem Address checks my modem status
  • Static cling vinyl, another one, Window-Cling.Com

  • Milken Institute prepared major california state technology comparison study,
    see state technology comparisons

  • DP Review digital camera reviews
  • Steve's DigiCams Fuji 2650 fine pix review
  • Finepix A210 Sample Images
  • DC Reviews digital camera reviews
  • Digit-All Cameras excellent reviews of technologies
  • Xara vector graphics software for web design
  • Artist 4 Hire.Com guy using Xara for hire

  • New Product Demand Forecasting forecast tech product, technological substitution

  • GRACE Nasa gravity satellite mass lifting measure g
  • Travelmate nice new product promotion site example, is for female urinary device
  • LaFemme does a nice job with a FUD also (see above)
  • Toilets of the World photos of toilets all over the world, several pretty unsightly
  • Mold Prison Bricks model idea, look at further church
  • Feed Direct provides topic newsfeeds for free, with advertising
  • Photo Stamps . com print photographs on real stamps
  • Ondulo a sort of optical comparator type system from TechLab in France to measure surface defects. Is being used for boat hulls and boat hull molds and many other uses.

  • Coins for Anything make custom commerative, sales coins
  • Vertical Response Postcards they print and mail postcards in color
  • Church models

    Airline Tickets, Reservations, Travel

  • Site 59
  • Side Step

    Active Leisure

  • Xplanations prepare graphic art, charts to explain complex situations for presentations or publication
  • AddAll seaches several new and used books stores and other sources
  • Half.Com special ebay store for books, music, etc.
  • Google domain suffix counter on BUZZ finds domains linked to yours
  • Modest Needs small giving site to help others
  • Clean Flicks edited videos to PG, etc.
  • Print Play Money
  • Rudy Romero Soldier Letter equipment tips from the trenches

  • Heirloom Seeds garden seeds old types varieties
  • List of Amphibious Cars very complete list, ATV floating boat cars, several from Germany

  • Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography links to scholarly publications on the net or about the net, also covers electronic preservation and digital images, good site

  • Photorazzi celebrity and stock photos

  • What Really Happened . Com pretty heavy on conspiracy theories, weirder news, etc
  • Armada a cool military, naval technical magazine
  • Major News About Minor Objects comets, asteroids, meteorite news
  • Tesmec Group makes trenchers and ground radar in italy, sister co to LA.ME. (marine group w/Sea Rider)

    Tombstones, headstones, monuments, cemetery flowers, etc

  • Oklahoma Anthropological Society archeology, research

  • Con Forms concrete, cement pumper truck parts including couplings, neat stuff
  • Mind Mapping Software Mind Manager from AlloyCRM in UK for portraying thoughts, plans, visualizing ideas
  • ImagesPro.Com excellent high tech video editing software area
  • MovieFlix free access to very old movies
  • RoboForm automatically fills in and stores passwords and generates them
  • EDGE scientists on the "edge" post thoughts and questions, nice place to think
  • Hot Stuff old devil cartoon history
  • Subservient Chicken Burger King weird thing ad
  • UQM Technologies a leader in electric hybrid cars, military vehicles, propulsion, motors
  • Big Webmaster links to website design stuff
  • McKinsey Quarterly magazine on business development, etc
  • Glow in the Dark Fishing Lures inventor
  • Adaptive Path a nice web usability consultant group's site.
  • Weird Roadside Attractions by hampton inn
  • Metal Supermarket chain of metal supply stores, sell small quanities, nice for prototypes

  • First Steps in Board Game Design
  • Game Development mostly computer games, but good info for all games
  • Evolutionary Game Design Article great article on game development
  • Classic Computer Magazine Archive the early days
  • Industrial Quick Search sort of a Thomas Register for industrial suppliers
  • Sooner Access Oklahoma Secretary of State Records, business filings, etc
  • Annals of Improbable Research looks at weird stuff
  • Triz Journal papers on dozens of industries provide insight into their past and future technical evolution
  • CREAX applies TRIZ
  • IC When indepth history of computers and video games
  • System 16 the video arcade musem, very extensive
  • Arctic Computer and Console Museum Finland, excellent
  • Webmaster World news for webmasters
  • Maarif Project helps find international research funding
  • Information on File Formats U.K. National Archives help with file types, viewers, etc.
  • BioGems save wildlife habitat, Alaska etc against government actions
  • and are Chinese TV Peer to Peer P2P television / TV video streaming sites
  • HiDownload - we used to it download video streams, worked great, but a bit invasive on other file types
  • Kodak Easy Share photo, photograph, picture, digital image organizer highly touted by Mosseberg in WSJ 8 Dec 05.
  • millions of used records and cds, music
  • HG3DWorld make engraved glass cystals 3d, we saw at Oklahoma State Fair
  • Very Funny Ads commericals from around the world
  • Amazing Advertisements on Get it in Writing - striking ads



  • Uncle Sam

    STUDY Further

  • Market Research Detroit.Com directory of market research firms serving Detroit area

  • DottoComu trendy, techy news from Japan!

  • Bens Planet HTML Explained / HTML help
  • Web Rank Info search engine optimization methods, google
  • Mouseover link code
  • Metaform Industrial Design, they do prototypes and invention, might be of use
  • Statsology sport statistics, academic sports sites, sports science and technology
  • ZURB great site on branding, web design, etc

    Virtual Pets & Asian Toys

  • The Friends Toy Store Japan store that exports toys, recommended by mimi
  • Jason's Store ebay store of Japanese vp
  • Yahoo Digital Pets Discussion Group
  • PartMiner.Com electronic parts and spec sheets by the millions, including discontinued parts
  • U.S. Bid.Com millions of electronic parts including obsolete and discontinued parts
  • Tribute Direct online caskets, cemetery stones, monuments, etc
  • Just charity group, can designate a zillion charities and not give your name.
  • Data Deposit Box online encrypted data backup system
  • Planet Domain reliable, economical URL registration and hosting
  • Coates Spherical Rotary Valve System great "show my technology" type web site, good example of engine tech web site, investors, etc

  • IEEE Gold Made In Egypt Competition also Made in Your Country - university competition on industry projects

    Pigeon Flutes - Pigeon Whistles

  • Hot Dog / Weiner art from Japan was on calendar

  • Food Safety Web they maintain a listserve, Wall Street Journal 20 Mar 2006. Archives are online.

  • Pac-Safe travel gear to prevent theft including mesh wire see WSJ 3 Apr 2006

  • Mystery Shopping the real organization per WSJ 11 Apr 2006.

  • American Sports Data lots of sport participation data

    Retro Products Still Here

  • Predicata Television great old style tvs built from new parts by Telstar

  • Steam Punk Workshop rebuilding old stuff and interfacing it with todays technologies LEGO
  • LEGO Digital Designer design assemblies via a download, then buy parts and assembly instructions, and post for others.

    CAUSE MARKETING & MARKETING Health & Safety Behaviors

  • Cause Marketing Forum
  • Product Safety Links from Europe TEMP HOLD for PE PE INVENTION ORIENTED

  • Market Research for Inventors Maine workshop power point presentation, references us, well done.
  • Innovation Community by Emerald
  • Ironman Inventing more market research for inventors, also links to us
  • Industrial Designers Society of America IDSA, make your invention functional and appealing
  • The Innovation Journal public sector innovation, has innovation maps
  • Presenters University tips on making presentations - put w/inventor stuff
  • Scale Model.Net scale model industry. good for prototype parts
  • Open Folio thousands of student designs Alias User Community many designs displayed
  • ISEE Systems Stella and iThink advanced system modeling based on Excel.

  • DOD Tech Match finds Dept of Defense Technical facilities

  • Reference for Business some info on specific industries and several sample business plans for specific industries


  • Marketing Techie nice weekly newsletter on techie issues surrounding marketing, the internet, mobile phones, etc
  • Internet Archive is Archiving Early Computer Game Code
  • review academic materials, teaching materials, our how to site
  • GoHook searches auctions AFTER item is sold. used to hold ebay results
  • Coast Guard Vessel Registration Database for vessels over 5 tons
  • Map Your puts your ancestors on a google map, may also have business uses?
  • Hobby Link Japan links to Japanese hobby kits, parts and accessories
  • Google Adwords Preview preview the ads google would put on a page

  • QScores measures the appeal of a celebrity, athlete, cartoon character, ect as a representative for a brand.
  • Burrelles Luce a major news clipping service - clips for a fee
  • LibDB bibliographic records on the semantic web - Looks like it moved to here
  • ESOMAR World Wide Association of Opinion and Market Research Professionals, print, "Research World" journal, might be a good group, but not much can be accessed online
  • API Resources for Reporters

  • Find the newspaper database that used to be at Stillwater Public Library that started with "P".
  • SitePal put animated talking heads on your web site to instruct visitors
  • IAS Presentation 13 May 2006

  • Lulu sell your ebooks here or print real books as well for distribution
  • Management Help free online library, really nice
  • Directory of Small Business Providers by State Library of Congress
  • White Pages Names seach by last name to find US listings by state and a map (genealogy interesting)



    PeertoPatent peer review in technology areas, interesting pilot by USPTO



    Truveo searches multiple databases including news


  • Simply the Best Fonts free shareware fonts
  • Identify That Font helps you identify fonts
  • Fontscape helps you select a font for a specific application
  • Cool Graphics graphics, fonts, web design excellent site
  • ClickZ News nice site on online marketing news
  • Double Click was a major online advertiser, now has market information
  • MaxOnline Double Clicks online ad business
  • Lynx Viewer allows you to see what your pages would look like in a Lynx viewer which is how they look to many search engines.
  • Broadband Reports tools to check your internet connection
  • Performance Toast tools to check your internet connection
  • VisitorVille great unique web stats analizer, runs in real time or on logs, is fee based
  • VisitorViller Intelligence Service fee based service delivers info on web behaviors of specific companies, pretty slick
  • IP Address Guide tools for learning more about internet adressess, ping, etc
  • Google Site Maps
  • Generate Site Maps - Google
  • URL Info by Fagan Finder, links to about 100 tools to learn more about a URL
  • List Garden generates RSS feeds (free)- by Dan Bricklin
  • Touch Graph shows sites tying to one another graphically as well as blogs, GREAT!
  • allows back ordering existing URLs when they "run out"
  • Buttonator creates create buttons for web sites (click on buttons)
  • FeedMap lets you geocode your blog
  • GVisit tracks visitors to your site on a map - uses Google Maps

  • Submit Express MetaTag Analyzer does great job of analyzing site and tags, keywords, etc

  • Overture Bid Tool AdSense type cost tool

  • Keyword Density Tool

  • SEO Keyword Density Tool

  • Color Schemer find color combinations for site design

  • Compete estimates web traffic of the top million sites in US people, and blog writes technical related articlse

  • Google Zeitgeist current search term popularity
  • Google Trends shows relative search frequency over time, including marking news items, great for company and industry searches
  • Yahoo Keyword Bid Price Tool can monitor bid word price

  • Address Lookup / Verification Tool
  • Recent and Historical Most Popular Search Words
  • URL Trends provides info on number of links to a page and related info
  • Bright Cove upload videos to your own channel, video publishing tools
  • people post and comment on current news items , plus some great tools to show them in real time and clustering

  • Get it in Writing blog on writing for online blogs, writing advertisements, etc



  • Tamagotchi robot babby sitter from CDP
  • Foreign Tamagotchi model
  • Electronic Thesis in Humanities including many in-process
  • Resource Center for Cyber Culture Studies interesting, plus well done support site
  • Pocket Plants Canadian student project


  • Levi Drive from Malaysia

    Macintosh - Apple Links

  • Graffletopia stencils for Omnigraffle charting software


  • Wordpress Plugin Database