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Boat Manufacturers Worldwide Directory. This page lists boat builders outside the United States by country. For a list of U.S. and Canadian boat builders, please see our Powerboat Boat Manufacturers Directory

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If you are aware of a boat manufacturer with a web site not listed, please email us the URL. Also, please contact us with any comments you may have about the site or if you are interested in advertising on this page.

We have lost track of a few boat manufacturers, for them we provide the last URL we saw them at and the date we removed them from the list. You can find info on several of them in the historical files at the Internet Archive.

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  • Argentina Boat Builders

  • Australia - Australian Boat Manufacturers

  • Brazil - Brazilian Boat Manufacturers

  • Central America Boat Manufacturers
    • EcoCraft Mahogany Powerboats (Belize Central America) was at gone July 2009

  • China

  • Costa Rica

  • Denmark - Danish Boat Builders

  • Europe
  • Fiji Islands - Fiji Boat Builders
    • Fiji Boats Fiji Islands - pleasure, work, general purpose aluminum boats

  • Finland - Finnish Boat Manufacturers

  • France - French Boat Manufacturers - some have an English language option

  • Germany - German Boat Manufacturers
    • Hans Barro Barro Boats, aluminum boats, workboats, patrol and rescue boats
    • Bavaria Motor Boats (Germany) was at gone July 2009
    • German Powerboats GP high performance boats was at gone July 2009

  • Greece - Grecian Boat Manufacturers

  • Holland - Dutch Boat Manufacturers

  • Iceland Boat Manufacturers

  • India - Indian Boat Manufacturers

  • Indonesia - Indonesian Boat Manufacturers

  • Ireland - Irish Boat Manufacturers

  • Israel - Israeli Boat Manufacturers
  • Italy - Italian Boat Manufacturers

  • Japan - Japanese Boat Manufacturers - some may be in Japanese

  • New Zealand Boat Manufacturers
    • AMF Pro Series New Zealand Aluminum boats
    • AMF Offshore Series New Zealand Aluminum offshore boats, ribs and workboats
    • Logan Classic Boats site was formerly Catamaran Enterprises
    • Gentle Cruising canal boats for cruising the UK canals was at lost May 2006
    • Reflex Haines, Chianti, Lincoln boats from New Zealand
    • Tuff Jets 2.7 metre polyethylene plastic jet boat (New Zealand)
    • Zego very small outboard powered catamaran resembling a PWC - New Zealand

  • Norway Boat Manufacturers

  • Nova Scotia Boat Manufacturers

  • Philippine Island Boat Manufacturers
    • Bagacay Boatworks - Phillipines custom boats was at gone December 2010

  • Poland Boat Manufacturers

  • Portugal Boat Manufacturers
    • Gilmarine Custom Work Boats was at gone December 2010

  • Romania - Romanian Boat Builders

  • Slovenia Boat Manufacturers

  • South Africa - South African Boat Manufacturers

  • Spain - Spanish Boat Builders

  • Sri Lanka - Sri Lankan Boat Manufacturers

  • Sweden Boat Manufacturers

  • Switzerland - Swiss Boat Builders
    • Lehmar work boats Switzerland

  • Taiwan Boat Manufacturers

  • Tanzania

  • Thailand - Thai Boat Manufacturers

  • Turkey - Turkish Boat Manufacturers

  • UAE (United Arab Emirates) Boat Manufacturers

  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom / England - English Boat Manufacturers


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