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DO NOT Proceed unless you agree with the terms provided in our agreement.


The process is automated by software referred to as a listserv. It takes 4 steps (two done by you and two are completed automatically by the listserv) to be successfully subscribed.

  1. Send an e-mail message to our listserv requesting to subscribe.
  2. The listserv sends you a message to verify you wish to subscribe (prevents someone else from subscribing you).
  3. Follow the instructions in the verification message and return it to the listserv.
  4. The listserv sends you a message stating you are successfully subscribed.
Feel free to subscribe more than one e-mail address (such as your home and work addresses) if you wish. You must complete the proceedure separately for each address.

Instructions on how to prepare the initial SUBCRIBE message are below.

How to send the initial SUBSCRIBE message.

  1. Call this page up from YOUR computer (your mail reader stores your e-mail address).
  2. Click on the Mailbox at right.
  3. Write anything you wish on the subject line. It is not important.
  4. On the first line of the message, type the word subsingle in lowercase letters.
  5. Send the message

What Happens Next

Usually within 10 minutes you will receive the verification message. Follow the instructions provided and return it at your convenience. Again, usually within 10 minutes you will recieve the "successfully subscribed" message. Now just keep an eye on your e-mail for RBBI Alert messages to be informed of breaking boat building industry news.

If You Have Problems Subscribing

If "clicking" on our mailbox fails to open your email system and pre-address a message, open your email system, address a message to: rbbialert-request@lists.best.com and follow the remainder of the instructions in the "How to send the initial SUBSCRIBE message" section.

Some of you may be behind firewalls that have difficulty receiving e-mail messages from the outside. You will have to take that up with your system administrator.

If you have other problems subscribing, please contact us at polsong@virtualpet.com.

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